January in Chicago

Honestly: what do you do in January in Chicago? The weather is awful, and there’s really no hope for it turning soon. Travel is precarious, because you just never know if you’ll get in or out of O’Hare. So… what to do?


Get the hell out of Dodge–virtually. You simply must go to the movies. I can recount the fantastic movies I’ve seen in Chicago in January, from Indochine to Short Cuts. They’re out there, but this year, you have to look a bit harder to find them.

My favorite movies this year were both animated, which is a first. The second-best movie of the year is Avatar, because it’s visually stunning. I can’t remember a movie so long that felt so short, or feeling quite so sad at the end of a film when I realized that the world I’d been engrossed in wasn’t real. Sigh.

And the best film of the year is Up. Not Up In The Air–just Up. It’s another animated film that came out over the summer, and it is lyrical, gorgeous, and touching. If you didn’t see it, I hope you have a very large, very hi-res LED TV so that you can get at least a glimpse of this film’s aesthetic superiority. Its animation is simply stunning.

In closing, in January in Chicago–don’t go outside. Dream of other places, and other times. Spring will be here soon.

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